Graphic Designer

Ever since I was young I always had the need to draw and create. It became my passion and has followed me through to adulthood. 

I am a qualified Graphic Designer, schooled at the University of Ballarat, Australia. I've been working in the creative field in London for a number of years now, and have picked up some valuable skills along the way. I'm not bias when it comes to designing, I'll give anything a go, but I do love an integrated campaign. Mixing new age digital with old school print and watching it all come together.

I've been described as an avid observer, obsessed with detail. I draw inspiration from things I see, hear or experience. Usually day-to-day situations, be it big or small. When I get the time I like to illustrate. My illustrative style can be described as detailed and stylised but my design style is a lot more structured. Everything has it's place don't you know. 

Currently, I am the Head of Design at HeyHuman Agency. One of the highlights of my job is managing and working with younger designers, helping them grow and understand the fundamentals of our creative industry. My other duties include: traffic and time management workflow, brief approval, presenting and liasing with clients and account managers, pitch work, art directing work and photoshoots and brand guardianship... 2 days are never the same.





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Streatham Hill, London, UK

07788 586 794