LOGIC PRO - the smart way of vaping

Experiential Design


BACKGROUND : JTI was launching a new series of vape cigarettes to the UK market. They needed a strategic way to advertise their new product, but also a way to adhere to the strict UK tobacco legislations.

THE IDEA : The big idea 'The Smart Way of Vaping' for Logic Pro was bought to life with a campaign that delivered experiences that were rooted in Logic's smart way of doing things.

A safe haven experience for vapers was concepted in the guise of a bus. One that would travel from location to location informing vapers of the new Logic Pro e-cigarette, and where vapers could easily vape without prejudice. 

Using socio-economic and census based data modelling, we identified locations with the greatest cluster of Logic audience types. 

My task was to design all the collateral to accompany the bus, as well as the look and feel of the actual vehicle, inside and out.

 The new colour palette gave the brand a fresh and friendly appeal.